Manhole Riser Slab


Manhole Riser Slabs are designed to securely close the tops of manholes while allowing easy access for inspection and maintenance. Our precast concrete riser slabs are made with the highest quality materials to ensure lasting durability and resistance to environmental elements. Engineered for strength, these slabs are capable of supporting heavy loads and traffic without cracking or shifting.

Our Manhole Riser Slabs come in various sizes and are built to meet or exceed industry standards for safety and performance. With their reliable construction and secure fit, these riser slabs offer a cost-effective solution for maintaining secure access to manholes.


Precast Concrete, Manhole Riser Slab, Access Cover, Inspection, Maintenance, Durable, High-Quality, Heavy Loads, Traffic-Resistant, Various Sizes, Safety Standards, Cost-effective.

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